Gurucharitra Granth Parayan

About this puja

The Gurucharitra texts are performed as Parayana worship. Dattavatari-Satpurs of Sripad Shree Vallabh, Srinusinhasaraswati, Sriswamy Samarth have also shown grace to the devotees and raised grace on their backs. It has been called a miracle.

Gurucharitra Parayan is performed to increase the faith, to fulfill one's desires and to gain enlightenment and blessings of the Guru.

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Date Shubha/Ashubha Muhurt
Sept. 26, 2022 Shubh Full Day
Sept. 27, 2022 Shubh Full Day
Sept. 30, 2022 Shubh Full Day
Samagri Name Quantity
Halad (Turmeric) 25 Gram
Kharik 5 Unit
Badam 5 Unit
Khobare (Dry Coconut) 5 Unit
Blouse Piece 1 Unit
Tel waat (Oilweack) 1 Unit
Attar (Scent) 1 Unit
Khadi sakhar (RockSugar) 50 Gram
Dhup 1 Unit
Gejwastra (Cotton dressing) 1 Unit
Matchbox (Machis) 1 Unit
Madh (Honey) 1 Unit
Sutte paise (Changecoins) 6 Unit
Kapur 10 Gram
SupariMedium 7 Unit
Naaral (Coconut) 1 Unit
Halkund(Turmericstick) 5 Unit
Udabatti (Josssticks) 1 Unit
Rangoli 500 Gram
Asthgandh (SaffronPowder) 25 Gram
Janve Jod 1 Unit
Kumkum (Kunku) 25 Gram
Tandul 500 Gram

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